Sea Turtles of Okinawa

(English) Maeda Baby Sea Turtle Release

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Every year sea turtles nest on beaches between May and July (peak season) here in Okinawa. On Shiyoda beach, due to the construction of a sea wall, if eggs were to be left on the beach, in the event of a typhoon or spring tides they would be soaked and will perish. The Maeda Umigame Project is a project that got permission from the prefectural government to collect the eggs and release baby turtles when they are ready.


The owner of the Sunset Beach House in Maeda, Rumi san, holds baby sea turtle release events every year, and this year it was from August 1 – 3. It is a good way to raise sea turtle conservation awareness and educate the public about them.

I was able to attend the event on August 2nd, where about 100 baby Loggerhead sea turtles were released into the ocean.


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