Sea Turtles of Okinawa

Sea Turtle Art Show: Great Collaboration and A Great Success!

By jhjanicki on Monday,August 14th, 2017 in Art, Awareness, Conservation, Fisheries, Ghost nets, Marine Debris, Wildlife Trade, No Comments

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sea turtle art show

Flyer art by Rodel Santo Domingo, design by Julia Janicki

The Sea Turtle Art Show that took place at the Okinawa Brewing Mihama Cafe on August 12, 2017, was an extremely great success! A huge thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Organizers: Julia Janicki & Hazel Cruzado Art

Artists: Hazel Cruzado Art, Art Leo, Shawn Miller (Okinawa Nature Photography), Pete Leong (Foto Shisa), Rodel Santo Domingo, CJ French, Sayuri Carney, Milia Mizoguchi, AJ Robertson, Gwen Whitney and Dawn Ward.

Soap Artist: Kasane Masunaga

Translators: Makiko Mori, Keishu Asada, Aina Menneken

Everyone else who helped: Chris Roome, Thomas Nieddu, Aki Masunaga, Jeff Jolly

People who bought art to support this cause: Ethan, David Simpson, Jessica, Chris Petoukhoff, Georg Fischer, Nao Takashina, Andy Liu, Randy, Noah, Judi, Brandy, Alexis, Yu Shimizu, Keishu Asada, Sakurako, Crystal, Christen, Jason, Annmarie, Molly, Jeremy, and Asa

Live band: CJ & Friends who played awesome live music

Venue: OkiBrew for providing the venue

Funding (advertisement & some merchandise): Dolores Prin and the US State Department for grant support

The Kumejima Turtle Museum for providing images

We ended up selling over 75% of the art, a lot of merchandise and raised about 2700 USD for sea turtles (donated to the Olive Ridley Project and Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire).

Below are some art:

sea turtle art show

The Mountain Below – by Art Leo, Hazel Cruzado & Julia Janicki

sea turtle art show

Umigame Reef – by Hazel Cruzado. (Bingata: Okinawan style printing)

sea turtle art show

Sea My Future – by Julia Janicki

sea turtle art show

Falling Apart – by Art Leo

Marine Debris & Sea Turtles - By Rodel Santo Domingo

Marine Debris & Sea Turtles – By Rodel Santo Domingo

Ghost Net

Ghost Net By Hazel Cruzado

By CJ French

By CJ French

More art:

And educational posters created by Julia Janicki (Feel free to distribute, attribution would be nice. Contact me for high resolution version in English or Japanese): sea turtle art show

sea turtle art show

sea turtle art show

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